Accelerating Athletes Into Tech & Entrepreneurs Into Sports

DRIVE by DraftKings is an Ecosystem of athletes, entrepreneurs, investors, teams, leagues, super-fans and business leaders who are driving the acceleration of sports professionals into tech and tech entrepreneurs into sports.

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Partially owned by sports-tech entertainment company DraftKings, DRIVE received funding from General Catalyst, Accomplice and Boston Seed. DRIVE encompasses two complementary entities, DRIVE Venture Studio and DRIVE Athlete Network. DRIVE Venture Studio invests in early stage companies whose technologies will define the future of how we play, consume and experience sports and entertainment. DRIVE Athlete Network aims to give athletes the tools and training necessary to become successful entrepreneurs and investors.


Why Apply to DRIVE Venture Studio?

Imagine getting access to hundreds of professional athletes, teams, owners and sports industry leader DraftKings and a customized program to drive your business forward- that’s why! DRIVE Venture Studio gives selected startups access to a unique ecosystem led by real investors, real sportstech behemoths, real athletes and real team owners. We work with each startup to design a program that mobilizes the right expertise, networks and resources to help accelerate their business into the sportstech world.

Strategic Capital

Access to an investor network that will open up the right doors, not just traditional capital.

Deep Expertise

Leverage world-class talent within DraftKings with subject matter expertise across a variety of areas and functions.

Access to Athletes

Ability to leverage professional athletes in the DRIVE Network as advisors, mentors, evangelists or investors.

Connected Network

Invaluable access to team owners, leagues and business leaders for counsel and connections to help drive your business forward.

Customized Program

Designed to support your startup’s specific needs and milestones over a 12-month period.

Flexible Timing

Rolling admissions process to enter when it’s right for your team.

Why Hundreds of Athletes join the Athlete Network

The DRIVE Athlete Network puts athletes at the center of everything we do, providing them with rare, real-world opportunities to embed with leading VC firms and cutting-edge tech entrepreneurs.

Venture Internship Program

Athletes today want to learn how to be investors and are actively looking for opportunities to intern during the off-season.

Entrepreneur-In-Residence Program

Athletes today want to learn how to start and grow businesses so our EIR program is designed to expose athletes to the business acceleration resources they desire.

Top VC Firm Access

Top Venture Capital investors recognize the value in helping athletes partner with startups, we facilitate this access.

Expert Private Company Investment Content

All Athlete Network members get exclusive access to curriculum, content and step-by-step private equity and venture capital investment curriculum.

Nationwide Masterclasses on Investing

Wherever our athletes live and work we are hosting masterclasses with top VC investors, team owners, athletes and CEOs.

VC and Career Transition Coaches

It's never too early or too late to start planning for career transitioning, board seats, investing & life after the game. We have hundreds of coaches available to assist.

Athlete Events:

Sponsored events at some of the largest sporting events in the country. To Highlight and showcase the programming, work and results DRIVE has created.

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